Friday, 18 October 2013

Rianna Phillips AW13

Rianna Phillips' new AW13 collection made it's debut in Manchester's Northern Quarter on Wednesday - and despite several transportation setbacks, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to get a look at the collection. 

The collection itself was displayed against plain white backdrops, giving the vibrant colours used in her prints the chance to fully stand out. One wall contained photographs and various accessories that Phillips used as inspiration to create the collection, offering the chance to understand the development of the collection on a deeper level.

Phillips draws her inspiration from visits to Australia - where her brand has cultivated a huge following - and the combination of both photographs of various crystals and of hand drawings is masterful to say the least, and definitely gives the collection an edge which cannot be found elsewhere. 

The clutch bags can be bought in a variation of sizes, which makes them perfectly versatile, and Phillips has also added scarves to her line (needless to say I will definitely be investing soon...)

The colours used - despite being mostly brights - are a perfect combination of blues and bright purples, and are likely to give any winter outfit the lift it needs be effortlessly transformed from a day look to a night time one. 

The entire collection can be found on the official Rianna Phillips website.

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