Monday, 22 July 2013

Alexander Wang Resort 2014 favourites

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I was admittedly surprised when I first saw Alexander Wang's Resort 2014 collection, primarily because it is the first time I have seen Wang expand out of his usual colour palette and include pink in the collection. In an interview, Wang defined this collection as "deflating the shapes and working with supersaccharine, supersweet colours." This is definitely evident in the techniques used to create his collection. 

His use of darts is consistently abstract; they have been used deliberately by Wang as a tool for structure in a way never seen in his collections before.

Not only does he find a way to mold the clothes to the body, he also finds a way to make them stand away from it through the masterful use of constructing shapes, and he achieves this through cutting in circular formations; creating the super-sweetness and likeness to a sweet wrapper he described in the interview he gave regarding his collection. 

Despite still using most of his usual colour palette, Wang has included "supersweet colours" such as soft caramels, spearmint green, and pink, to consistently reflect the appeal of sweet colours and coatings onto his Resort 2014 collection.

Having already established himself within his own brand, could this out of the box collection be a result of Wang now being frequently exposed to the work done by Balenciaga's workshops, or is it a result of Wang having a larger comfort level within his own label?

Either way, the collection shows a new confidence with construction and cutting techniques that definitely defined his polished, chic, and nearly colourful resort collection for 2014.

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